‚ÄčCustom Contracting Corporation of Westchester Inc.

About us

We are a cutting edge contracting company that helps homeowners turn their custom renovation or new construction dreams into reality. We bring more than 30 years of experience to your building project. Our focus has always been on delivering quality craftsmanship which starts with quality control, with time honored methods, respect and attention to detail and most important of all listening to what our customers are saying.

What most customers have said they find the most trying is when their project involves many subcontractors and just as many personalities which can become challenging at times. Our staff has been trained to do all of the work that a contractor would normally sub out which can avoid issues that arise such as delayed timelines resulting in delays to your finished project. Consistency can also become another problem as the subcontractor is not always able to retain the same people which can impact the quality of their work and that would not hold up to our high standards and what the customer deserves. 

Our custom building projects include new home construction to additions, renovations, exterior and interior finish work and repairs. We can use the newest materials and technology available in the industry or we can craft by hand a unique custom piece using traditional materials and methods. 

Our main goal is to keep quality and customer satisfaction a top priority. My family's been in the construction industry for over 30 years and Custom Contracting Corporation is proud to continue the excellence and tradition of my family now and for many years to come.