Why Consulting services?

‚ÄčCustom Contracting Corporation of Westchester Inc.

Doing a project by your self?

Here is how we can help you, we come over and examine your project go over pro's and con's of your project, help you order what materials you will need, what hand and power tools you will need and where you can rent them if you do not already own them. We can advise you on the latest cutting edge technologies and materials for your project. We can help you keep you project on track including how to schedule the deliveries for all your materials and how to store those materials to avoid any damage that could occur. We will help you lay out your project and where to get started first providing assistance during each phase of the project, if you get stuck and you need help to finish we can complete the rest of the job with you or we can finish it without you.

More and more people are trying to do more of the improvements on their home but need some direction on what to and how to get started that's where we come in and whether you do part or the whole project we are there to help from rough framing to finish painting. And at the end to stand there together with you and admire you handy work of the project you just completed!

Think of how you will feel to show your friends and family your finished project you did yourself.